Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard carefully selects stand-out products every week, and he was impressed by the Angler's Mail Carp Product of the week, JAG Black Super Compact Adjustable Pod Kit. Check out his lowdown here…


POD KITS don’t come much better than this perfectly engineered Black Super Compact Pod from Jag, now available in an adjustable format.

Quick and easy to set-up it comes with three rod adjustable buzzer bars – a 8.25 in. rear and 9.25 in. front bar (closed), snag converters screwed in, an Allen key, two 9 in. and two 7 in. adjustable banksticks, and Alarm Aligners.

An adjustable pod base  compacts down to just 11.4 in. x 3.5 in. But with an adjustable centre bar it extends from 11.4 in. closed to 18.5 in. fully extended.

The beauty of this top of the range set-up is that not only is it superbly engineered, with great attention to detail, but the kit allows you to fish two rods single stick style, you can fish it as a buzzer bar set-up, as a snag bar set-up or as an adjustable pod.

It boasts JAG’s top end engineering to ensure everything locks rock solid and never lets you down.

Features we love on the adjustable kit include the increments on the buzzer bars to ensure you adjust the same distance either side, the no loss thumb screws, and the three point contact on the pod, where the banksticks lock.

The banksticks come with new three way 316 stainless steel points for better penetration. And the pod has anchor points, via Karabiners, so you can anchor it using a bivvy peg if you want to.

We also like the versatility offered by the folding arms of the pod.

It all comes supplied with a black pod sleeve.

There’s also a stainless version available and a grey Prolite design.

Price: Fully Adjustable Kit £394.99. Adjustable base only £194.99.