The Grey’s Xlerate Carp Rods come under the beady eye of Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard. He's the No.1 products inspector, checking out loads of quality kit every week.

AS technology, and materials advance, so will rod design, enabling Greys to launch their best ever carp rod – the Xlerate range – and it looks pretty special.

They’ve managed to make them lighter, more responsive, stronger and more accurate, thanks to a 3M Powerlux nano resin construction. Nano-sized spherical particles between the individual filaments of carbon fibre provide a dense matrix of strength throughout the blanks. The result is that the rods are much more robust under stress – think of that erratic bending in the blank when you’re punching out, striking or playing, in some cases. These rods are also more sensitive.

There’s a 12 ft 3 lb that’ll cast 140 yards-plus with an optimum casting weight of 2.5-3.5 oz, and a 3.25 lb design that’ll hit 160 yards-plus, with an optimum casting weight of 3-4 oz. Big hitters looking to reach 180 yards or even over 200 yards will want to arm themselves with either the 12 ft 3.5 lb or the 13 ft 3.5 lb, which has an optimal casting weight of 3-5 oz.

All of these rods are available in abbreviated, full Japanese shrink rubber, slim-cork and slim EVA handle options to suit your preference.

The actions are best described as an advanced progressive power action. They include a 50 mm distance ring pattern with an anti-frap tip ring.

The blanks are complemented by G-Lite XR DL Black Edition stainless/titanium hybrid guides, with a 100 per cent Carbon/Fuji DPS18 hybrid reel seat.

The Xlerate’s are also supplied with a Greys universal line clip, EVA stopper and Neoprene tip and butt protectors.

To complement the casting rods, Greys have also added two top-end Xlerate Spod/Marker Hybrid Rods

There’s a 12 ft 3 lb and a 13 ft 3.5 lb, both with special, stiff tips, to give you that sensitive feedback that you’re looking for when feature finding, but with a progressive power release down the blank for punching out long distances.

Designed specially for spod and marker work, they’ll outcast standard fishing rods and handle spods of all sizes, confirm Greys.

They come with useful 12 and 24 in. depth markers, to help you ‘plot up’, and full Japanese shrink-wrap handles, and boast similar quality fittings to the main Xlerate carp range.

Price: £369.99-£419.99. Spod/Marker Hybrid Rods £319.99.