Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard carefully selects stand-out products every week, and he was impressed by this Angler's Mail HOT BUY - Dynamite Red Krill Meaty Fish Bites. Check out his lowdown here…


I RECKON a pot of these in your bait bag will soon have that ’tip rapping round!

Dynamite’s Meaty Fish Bites are good, these new-for-2017 Krill baits look perfect.

Because they are tough enough you can hair rig or side hook them.

They utilise the ingredients found in Dynamite’s successful Spicy Shrimp & Prawn boilie range and come saturated in Red Krill Oil attractant.

I don’t think there’s many fish in our UK waters that won’t sniff them out. Top takers on my list would be carp, tench, barbel, chub and catfish.

They look like a very useful bait for commercial fisheries as well as rivers.

There’s nothing stopping you threading a cluster on to a hair for bigger fish either.

Price: 8 mm £2.99 a pot. 12 mm £3.99 a pot.