Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard carefully selects stand-out products every week, and he was impressed by the Dynamite Complex-T Boilie Range. Check out his lowdown here…

WHEN an angler the calibre of carp ace, Terry Hearn designs a boilie range after being given a brief of “build your perfect boilie – a bait you would happily go out and want to use,” you take notice.

Leading bait manufacturers Dynamite allowed Terry the ‘pretty open’ brief and three years later the subtle liver, fishmeal boilie is out.

A real food bait that fish can easily digest all-year-round, ingredients include Haith’s CLO and water soluble pre-digested liver, Antarctic Krill meal, and LT94 fish meal that will leak out in cold water. Plus there’s protein rich Spirulina, as well as an exclusive Dynamite all-year-round liquid feed stimulant, and Fenugreek and yeast.

Terry Hearn was involved in creating this range of baits.

Designed to be recognised as a natural food and with fish conditioning and care top priorities, it’s an extensive range.

To compliment the freezer (15 and 18 mm) and shelf-life (12, 15, 18, and 20 mm) boilies.

There’s 14 mm Dumbells, mixed tubs (14, 15 and 20 mm) of 48-hour breakdown Hardened Hookbaits, Foodbait and Fluro Pop-Ups and Corkball Foodbait, Wafter and Fluro pop-ups.

There’s also a Base Mix and Liquid Kit and a Rehydration Liquid and Concentrated Dip.

Price: from £10.75 a kilo. Hookbaits from £4.99 a tub.