Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard carefully selects stand-out products every week, and he was impressed by the Cygnet Tackle Minimal Metalware. Check out his lowdown here…


CYGNET TACKLE have appealed to all tastes with their new Minimal range of ’sticks and buzzer bars. It’s a slimmed down but solid, 12 mm version of their 20/20 range of metalware.

Coming in a stealthy matt black finish and a ‘less is more’ slim profile, the extending sticks start at a ‘stalky’ 6-10 in., with five further sticks of up to 24-46 in.

The latter is ideal for tip-high work, whether you are fishing at range or across a river.

The matching fixed-length buzzer bars come in two and three-rod formats. The two-rod buzzer bars run from just 4.5 in. long, for those who like their rods nice and ‘snug’, to 10 in., with five other sizes in between.

Similarly, the three-rod buzzer bars run from a compact 8.5 in. to 12.5 in. with three other sizes.

The Minimal range comes with solid metal fittings and includes stainless steel-tipped thumbscrews. Good work, Cygnet Tackle.

Prices: Banksticks £7.99-£10.50; Buzzer Bars from £7.50.