DYNAMITE BAITS have recently released The Crave – a new range of boilies, dips and glugs devised for them by carp fishing legend Terry Hearn. And we bring you a video of Terry explaining all about it.

The Crave contains a unique combination of Terry’s favourite big carp catching flavours and attractants. It has a unique smell and taste, and contains finest birdfoods and fishmeals.

The Crave could prove as popular as his previous famous creation, The Source. Like other premium Dynamite boilies price will be £9.99 per kilo bag.

‘This is gonna be THE one for us this year,’ Dynamite’s George James told Angler’s Mail.

‘Terry worked with us for over a year to pull together quality fishmeal and birdfood as the base with his special mix of additives and flavours. Like The Source, there’s a bit of mystique about what’s in it! Interestingly there will also be special fluoro pop-ups available too that have a washed-out look, not the ultra bright ones but we think these will do very well especially in winter.’

‘We’re also keen to flag up the fact we do freezer baits for premium baits, such as The Crave in 15 and 18mm,’ he added.

Watch the video below to see Terry explain the range. And be sure to read Angler’s Mail magazine every week for all the latest developments in tackle, baits – plus lots, lots more!





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