CARP fishing giants Fox International – sponsors of the Angler’s Mail Carp Cup – are set for another exciting run of tackle launches in 2014. And here’s an AMTV video of one of them!

AMTV roving reporter Adam Rayner quizzes Fox’s Harry Charrington about the new Fox 50-inch rib Supa Brolly Compact and Supa Brolly Compact System, that adds a full front panel set up.

The Brolly has all the rugged build and even the front ‘brow’ rib as the 60 in. version, as well as having another one with full front panel mesh and letterbox zips.

This footage was shot at the Brentwood Carp Show 2014 – more coverage on this and other angling events, plus top tackle coverage, every week in Angler’s Mail magazine.





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