KORDA’s new  Carp Tackle, Tactics & Tips Volume Six DVD is free in tackle shops across the country this spring.

Korda say: ‘The filming and production values are simply stunning, which only enhance the viewing experience.

‘As for the content, well, of course we have the inside track on the releases that you can expect from Korda over the next year, as well as knockout products from Kiana Carp, Trakker, Mainline, Daiwa and Delkim. We won’t spoil the surprise by telling you exactly what’s on there, but suffice to say, you won’t be disappointed.

Korda are also part of our new team of bloggers, offering a revealing look into their busy carping world.

‘The locations for the various shots don’t disappoint either, pitting Danny Fairbrass and Damian Clarke against the huge carp and vast acreage of Etang de la Horre, Ali Hamidi against the Gigantica whackers and Darrell Peck, Neil Spooner, Jake Wildbore and James Armstrong against the pressured carp of Manor Farm Fishing’s Winters Lake.

‘There are some seriously impressive fish caught, including huge foreign carp as well as some lovely UK specimens, so you can see all the new kit demonstrated for you, live, on the bank.

‘You can pick up your copy of Carp Tackle, Tactics & Tips Volume Six at your local Korda stockist from this week. Please remember that the discs are sent out to your retailer with their next order of Korda stock, so some shops will have stock before others.’

Click below to watch the trailer video





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