New top men to help grow Pallatrax – Mike O’Neill (right) and Howard Campion of OMM, who have bought a large stake of the Devon-basd tackle and baits firm.

PALLATRAX Ltd, the Devon based bait and tackle manufacturer,  has sold the major share holding to thriving UK-based, international media firm; O’Neill Modern Media (OMM).

The full story, and lots more from the fast-0changing world of tackle and baits, is in the latest issue of Angler’s Mail, where you can see all the latest star catches in the Pallatrax Specimen Cup.

OMM is headed up by charismatic entrepreneur Mike O’Neill. His company’s studio was the first in the UK to fully embrace digital photography. It invented 360-degree product photography – a technique now utilised by one of OMM’s biggest clients, sports giant Nike. It pioneered and helped install roller advertising hoardings and then digital LED advertising hoardings at football grounds across the UK including Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United Football Club.

As OMM has grown so has their business interests in a number of other areas, which led Mike O’Neill to the door of Pallatrax.

Life-long angler Mike stated: ‘We have a large portfolio of resources, and the associated highly skilled personnel to hand, that Pallatrax’s competitors simply do not have access to. This alone will have massive advantages for us as we drive the business forward.

‘With my team at OMM, Simon’s contacts and knowledge within the fishing industry and the capital we are prepared to put behind Pallatrax, I can promise you there are some exciting times ahead.

Happy – Pallatrax main man Simon Pomeroy, who will still control the firm.

Howard Campion OMM’s Group Managing Director, a vastly experienced international marketer, added: ‘Simon and Tini have a great business in Pallatrax, with an extensive, and highly innovative range of truly excellent baits and tackle for a vast array of species and tactics, all that has been missing are the resources to take it further and put it where it belongs – OMM definitely has those resources and will be putting them to good use!”.

Simon Pomeroy who will maintain full control of the company and continue as its Managing Director enthused: ‘We have so many vital areas already covered but needed someone like Mike, and a company with the resources and expertise that OMM has, to really help us move forward. Events like this are life changing and rest assured we are going to grab it with both hands!’

OMM’s plans for Pallatrax are already in full swing having moved into a much larger modern facility and employment of key personal including a production manager and media co-ordinator. Immediate investments have been made into a number of capital items including automated systems for the manufacturer of both their bait and Stonze® ranges.

Mike further commented: ‘Over the coming months it is fair to say that Pallatrax will have its profile raised on a grand scale with a large marketing push, along with new products, website and quality packaging.

‘Our business strategy will also see the availability of our ranges throughout the nations retailers allowing anglers full access to our tackle and bait that are both environmentally friendly and hugely successful in bringing fish to bank!’

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