PROLOGIC are a carp tackle brand on a mission to make an impression in the UK this year - and they've made a big move by taking on Adam Penning.

Adam has presented various fishing programs for the likes of Sky Sports and appearing regularly in many  publications including Angler’s Mail.

With 20 years spent working in the trade, Adam brings a wealth of industry knowledge to the Prologic team.

He will be heavily involved throughout future product development; notably, the expansion of Prologic’s new Last Meter range of terminal tackle.

Adam said: “The carp fishing scene has expanded so far beyond the seeds sown in the UK that it is now a global pursuit. When the opportunity arose to work closely with a big, pan European company that has a solid, long term and reliable reputation, it was a logical and progressive step to take.

“Prologic continues to build a firm following by offering products that form practical solutions to the vast majority of carp angling situations.

“My own role is not simply to be ‘frontline’ but also behind the scenes, heavily involved in product design and testing. This aspect greatly appealed as most ‘consultancy’ roles are nothing of the sort!

“I am looking forward to helping the brand develop in the UK while also expanding my own angling across some of the mighty European venues – there are certainly some exciting times ahead and I am delighted to be aboard!”

Adam and Rik

Prologic Product and Brand Manager, Enrico Parmeggiani said: “This is a huge leap forward for Prologic and one that I feel extremely positive about.

“Product and brand development is something that I’ve undertaken solely over the past 5-years, so to have such an experienced consultant on board in Adam Penning, the research, development and testing process of all future products will receive a major boost.

“I’m very much looking forward to working with Adam on some exciting new projects we have scheduled for the near future.”

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