PALLATRAX, sponsors of our prestigious Specimen Cup competition, are leading the way in baits by using the “right” kind of eggs.

Free range eggs

Pallatrax boss Simon Pomeroy said: ‘Top quality bait needs top quality ingredients to ensure that no compromise is afforded in the pursuit of big fish; Pallatrax are very pleased to announce that contracts have been agreed with a local supplier of free range eggs.

‘Many baits are produced using powdered or derived eggs, but here at Pallatrax we believe that only the very best ingredients should go into the baits that our anglers use.

‘Having personally inspected the facilities, I could see immediately that we are now in partnership with a supremely professional company who really care about the welfare of their stock and the product they provide.

Simon Pomeroy

‘All aspects of production comply with relevant animal welfare and Health and Safety guidelines, so we know the quality of our baits will remain amongst the best available.”

The new deal will allow Pallatrax to have complete control over every aspect of bait development using local initiative and maintain confidence in their products.

Meanwhile, Pallatrax has announced five new members to the recently formed Team Pallatrax: Andy Edwards, Ryan Lippitt, Patrick Oliver, ‘Geordie’ Ray Pulford and Paul Smythe.

Simon said: ‘All five are exceptional anglers with many years of fishing experience between them and an impressive list of captures of multiple species to their name.

‘As with all Team Members, they will assist in raising the profile of Pallatrax through participating in features and videos, and writing current angling experiences in their blogs on the new Pallatrax website.  They will also play a key role in developing and fieldtesting new baits and products.’