NASHBAIT – the bait division of Nash Tackle – have released some exciting new carp fishing baits for spring 2013.

Their man Keith Jones explains them for the Angler’s Mail website.

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Magma Glugs

These new and quite unique two part bait dip systems have been catching extremely well in recent weeks. The top section of the two part dip pot contains a thick gloopy highly attractive liquid and in the bottom there’s a dry powdered attractant.

Magma Glugs are easy to use, you just dip your chosen hook bait in the liquid attractant and then role it in the powder and cast out, it’s as simple as that. Once on the lakebed, the incredibly reactive mix creates a column of active attraction that permeates the water which instantly pulls in the carp to investigate.

There are four attractor combinations available these being, Chilli Liquid ‘N’ Salt, – LO3O ‘N’ GLM – Squid Liquid ‘N’ Betaine – Sweetcorn ‘N’ Hemp,


Magma Glugs and Snow Pots.

Snow pots

Each pot contains 15mm bottom baits, a selection of matching 10mm pop ups in a range of bright colours proven to attract carp and a bait dip. Fishing the two baits as a snowman, the pop up top bait adds visual attraction and the additional buoyancy makes the hook bait more accessible and easier for the fish to suck in. It’s a deadly combination!


Monster Squid is coming in purple!

Get on the purple!

I must mention the new Purple Monster Squid boilie range. ‘The Monster’ has been available in red and also in limited addition black for some time and both baits have caught huge numbers of fish up and down the country.

The new purple baits really stand out on the bottom and have proven particularly effective for producing quick bites in difficult winter conditions.

The purple pop ups also make an excellent choice for chod or single hook bait fishing.

Anglers have for many years used coloured maggots to catch winter carp, using coloured boilie mixtures such as the red black and purple Monster can be equally effective.

Thanks to Keith Jones, the Nash blogger for the Carp Blogs part of this website, for this round-up.


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