Middy’s brochure…. for the internet age!

Middy International have made a breakthrough on the internet by launching an online brochure that has the inbuilt facility to view product videos and buy kit from retailers.

Middy's new online brochure has special clickable features.

There are interesting features on a mix of products, and how to use them, with the emphasis very firmly on commercial match carp.

Useful supporting videos – via the click of a button from the brochure’s online pages –  include elasticating a pole, feeder and float fishing.

And a click can also take you to preferred retailers, should you wish to buy there and then.

To see Middy’s new online brochure for yourself click HERE

  • Companies wishing to produce similar brochures should contact Dave Stone, Business Development Manager at IPC Inspire, on 020 3148 2516.