RECOGNISING the need to increase the number of people coming into angling, Maver managing director Sarah Phoenix has launched a trio of great fishing sets, to ensure anglers get off to the best of starts. But I believe, like Sarah, that these kits are much more than just starter kits.

Three Pole, Float and Feeder kits cover the main disciplines, whether you’re on a stillwater, canal or river. Take any of them to a well-stocked commercial and you’re almost guaranteed to catch.

“Starter kits need to be well made, easy to use and kept simple. If you enjoy your first fishing experience, you’re more likely to go again,” enthused Sarah.

“These kits also include a guide that explains where to start and how to tackle them up correctly, as it’s so important to have the right gear and to understand what to do with it.”

The kits are also aimed at anglers who might be returning to the sport, as they are supplied with everything that you need to catch.

Put together using tried-and-tested Maver products, the Float and Feeder Kits come with 10 ft rods and line-loaded, 3000-size front-drag reels, with either floats or feeders, a tackle box, hooks-to-nylon, a rod bag, a disgorger and other accessories.

The Pole Kit boasts a fully elasticated 6 m take-apart pole, along with a similar number of Maver accessories.

“Everything is made to a high standard and built to last. The prices are also fantastic, as the kit is 20 per cent cheaper than if you were to buy the components individually,” added Sarah.

Each one of the kits is also supplied with an instructional DVD and download, featuring match stars Tommy Pickering, Callum Dicks and Emma Pickering.

Sarah’s mission

“My plan is to expand the range, as I’m always looking at ways of encouraging people to take up fishing,” says Sarah.

“Fishing can appeal to all personalities and abilities. I’ve seen children transformed by fishing, not just from catching fish, but the whole experience, including the wildlife that they have seen,” explained Sarah.

“I will be promoting events in 2019 to encourage more people to take up fishing, so if you’re running an event, or have ideas to encourage people to start fishing, let us know, as we would love to hear from you,” she added.


Float Fishing Kit

10 ft float rod, 3000-series reel, tackle box, wagglers, shot, plummet, hooks-to-nylon, rod bag and disgorger.

Feeder Fishing Kit

10 ft feeder rod, 3000-series reel, tackle box, feeders, quick-change beads, hooks-to-nylon, rod bag and disgorger.

Pole Fishing Kit

Fully elasticated 6 m take-apart pole, tackle box, pole rigs, plummet, elastic connector, pole bag and disgorger.

Prices: Float Fishing Kit and Pole Fishing Kit – £69.99.

Feeder Fishing Kit – £79.99.



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