Big Al signs for Sensas. From right to left: Hugues Nello (CEO of Sensas SA), Alan Scotthorne, Jean Desqué.

IN THE biggest bait firm transfer for some time, five-times World Champion Alan Scotthorne has signed to Sensas after a long spell of association with Van den Eynde.

Angler’s Mail – No.1 for product news – understands that the MBE-honoured South Yorkshire match star signed a three-year contract and is now a Sensas consultant and sponsored angler. It comes just a few months after he left Shimano, his long-time tackle backer, to be with Drennan, who also sponsor Team England.

The French bait firm’s spokesman Frederic Bonnet said: ‘He will now be using, exclusively, Sensas baits and groundbaits. He already uses them when fishing for England in all international events, and has used Sensas to win all of his World Championship and European Championship titles.

Alan said: ‘It is fantastic that I am now a member of the Sensas Team, I know their baits well, and after all I have won all of my International titles using it.  I am looking forward to helping Sensas all across Europe and hopefully I will be able to help in the development of new baits for the future.’

Hugues Nello, CEO of Sensas SA: ‘We are delighted to join with Alan for future bait developments and promotional programs. Alan has been using our baits for several years in international competition s   with the English team, and this new alliance came quite naturally.’

Jean Desqué said: ‘I met Alan for the first time 25 years ago,  I was in the French team, and Alan was fishing for the England team in his first World Championship in 1992 in Portugal. From the beginning our relationship was very friendly and I am very happy that he has now joined the Sensas team.’

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