The reactions of the Korda crew (including Danny left, Tom Dove middle, and Ali on the right) are said to be well worth watching… never mind the fish! We have a clip from inside this bivvy below.

CARP FISHING gurus from Korda – notably Danny Fairbrass and Ali Hamidi – are set to release a much-awaited new DVD. Angler’s Mail has been hearing all about it from the Korda boys, and this is what they’ve just told us…

It’s coming…

“Cast your mind back eight years. Remember those huge Wellington Country Park Carp, looming down the lens of the Korda underwater camera? It was pretty impressive, right? Well, get set to have your socks blown off by the next chapter in the Underwater Saga… Part 7, which is set for release in early November.

So why now after so many aborted attempts? Well, Ali Hamidi was central to resurrecting the acclaimed series. He managed to convince Danny Fairbrass to dust off the underwater camera kit and give it another go.

The duo set about planning an underwater assault on the carp of Linear Fisheries St Johns Lake. “We picked St Johns because we wanted to go to a lake that had very pressured carp in it.” Ali said.

St Johns also has some huge carp in it and it wasn’t long before they were making regular visits to the margin spot that the team had chosen.

One fish that was immediately recognizable was the fantastic Big Plated, but no one could have guessed that it would give Dan his first bite of the DVD! “Size wise, we knew there was a chance of a 40-pounder,” Ali explained. “Did we ever expect to catch one? I can’t say we did. Did we ever expect to catch the Big Plated? I can’t say we did, so it was probably the most shocking positive experience that I’ve had at my time at Korda!”

Although conditions weren’t always favourable, the fish kept coming and the tactical insight that the footage gives is quite unique, as Ali explains: “I learned so much; I think I came out of there probably 10 years wiser after that month in a bivvy. It’s no longer just Dan and Dan’s view; it’s now my view, Tom’s view and Damian Clarke is there for periods too. You get different people giving honest opinions about what’s happening.”

Will it improve you as an angler if you watch it? Well, Ali is sure that everyone will learn from the two-part series, saying: “I don’t think there’s been a single session since we stopped filming when I haven’t done something that I learned on that DVD. To someone who’s been carp fishing 22 years that has to be quite significant. It will make a big impact on you and I hope you enjoy it.”

You’ll see this one hooked on camera.

The first part of the DVD focuses on the early part of the filming including, of course, the incredible footage of the Big Plated falling foul of Dan’s rig.

It gives us an up-close-and-personal view of the performance of Dan’s favourite tactics as the wary St Johns fish come in to feed in front of the cameras.

You’ll watch engrossed as the drama unfolds both out in the lake and inside the Trakker Colossus control centre pitched next to the lake. The reaction of the team as fish feed and ‘get away’ with it time and again gives the film another dimension and you’ll be on the edge of your seat with them!

How significant is the new instalment of the Underwater franchise? Well, Ali wasn’t pulling any punches: “As we filmed we were telling people that we were making history and by the time we’d finished the shoot, I really felt that we had made history. It will take a monumental effort to better what we’ve just done.”

The film that’s set to change the way that you fish is set for release in early November. It’s available from all Korda stockists and will cost £19.99.”

Angler’s Mail understands that Part 8 will follow in 2013.

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Danny and Ali called this home for a month whilst shooting the new footage.

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