The new Supa Brolly - win one via your copy of Angler's Mail mag.

THE  revolutionary new Supa Brolly from Fox International, they say, is “set to change the face of carp umbrellas forever!”

And Angler’s Mail magazine (cover-dated May 22) gives you the chance to win a Supa Brolly – worth £179.99 – in the weekly Treasure Hunt competition.

The uniquely shaped Supa Brolly features Fox’s brand-new STS mechanism, which is combined with a flatter, wider back section and extended side skirts to offer the type of internal space normally associated with a bivvy not an umbrella!

In addition its fibreglass pole construction gives it incredible strength yet makes it unbelievably light at the same time. Fox say it’s an umbrella that thinks it is a bivvy!


Key Features of the Supa Brolly

  • Features unique STS mechanism (Self-Tensioning System), which gives lots more headroom than traditional brollies. Mechanism is built with nuts and bolts and therefore is much stronger than a traditional central boss on an umbrella also.

    No bell cap!

  • Constructed from Ventec material with fully taped seams.
  • 8mm Fibre Glass Frame – strong yet lightweight.
  • As with Fox’s range of new bivvies for 2012, the Supa Brolly features a flatter, wider back so your bedchair can sit further inside thus giving more usable space at the front
  • Extended side skirts provide extra protection from the elements.
  • 4 back ribs touch ground, which greatly aids stability, especially in strong winds.
  • No bell cap at back – an area prone to leakage on traditional brollies.
  • Optional fibreglass front support rib supplied, which can simply be slipped into place to give further stability and create an Apex peak at the front for better drainage when it rains.

    Easy to pack down into protective sock.

  • Front drain pipe – diverts rain from dripping off the front of the brolly
  •  Short central pole allows for easy erection.
  • Supplied with looped locking collar, which is great for hanging items such as lamps and receivers.
  • Supplied with 2 x 24ins storm poles, which do not need to be removed when packed down (they clip inside the brolly).
  • 4 storm caps (you can add longer storm poleson the front should you wish even more stability).
  • Adjustable pegging points to allow height variation
  • Supplied with 10 heavy duty pegs.
  • Heavy duty groundsheet supplied.
  • Weight 5.8 kg without g/s, 8.4 kg with g/s.


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5.8kg without g/s


8.4kg with g/s