GLOBAL TACKLE LTD, distributor of unique and innovative fishing equipment, have announced that Easy2Hook will hit tackle shops within the next two weeks – the middle of April.

Following last year’s announcement of a production partnership with one of the biggest hook manufacturers on the planet, O.Mustad & Sons A.S, Angler’s Mail understands 2011 was very much about research and development to ensure Easy2Hook products were produced to the highest standards possible.

Angler’s Mail recently took some exclusive video on these innovative hooks, which you can watch by clicking the screen, below.

Paul Smith from Global Tackle Ltd, Easy2Hooks UK licensee, said: ‘The partnership with Mustad was formed in order to further excel the quality of our product and adapt it to the UK market.

‘The last 12 months have been a learning curve for all parties involved.  Mustad have never produced a hook like this before therefore needed more time to program their machinery combined with taking direction, at times, from the experienced machiners at Waterproof Innovations.

‘In short, this now guarantees we have a product of a further increased quality, albeit later than first planned.”

‘Easy2Hook would like to apologise to all customers who have been waiting for this product to launch and who have been patiently waiting for the barbless selection.’

Find out more at www.easy2hook.co.uk

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