DAIWA’S annual trade show never fails to impress. As well as some of the highlighted products in this week’s Angler’s Mail, here’s a taster of a few more that will be coming your way.
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Daiwa Seatboxes

Not out until late January, the Daiwa 160 and X250 are two great looking seatboxes. The 160 is the more compact model, available in red or blue, and looks ideal for the all round angler who visits commercial or more natural venues.

The X250 is a higher-spec cassette style box with an aluminium construction and X-shaped frame for more strength and stability, as well as a clever one-touch clip system that impressed and a bundle of other features and extras.

RRPs: 160 – £325. X250 – £475.

DSC_3793 copy

Team Daiwa Match Rods

Just the job for the angler that has decided they prefer natural lakes and river fishing. This impressive range of rods is aimed at you. Without giving too much away there are three float rods – up to 17 ft, two feeder rods, and two interesting 6 and 7 m Bolo rods.And a lot of thought has clearly gone into their design.

The 15-17 ft float rod feels lovely and light and the 6 m Bolo feels perfect for underarming a rig out, fast striking and playing those river silvers to the net.  They should be out by early January.

RRPs: £159.99-£225.

DSC_3770 copy

Daiwa Pro Sunglasses

Offering important protection as well as allowing you to see through the surface glare, there are five different styles of Pro glasses on their way with a choice of two different lens colours. There are also a couple of clip-on options for the glass wearer – handy.

RRPs: £12.99-£19.99.


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