GADGETS have moved to a new level with the development in America of an ultra hi-tech drone, Aguadrone, capable of delivering end tackle and much more.


The new Aguadrone will also show fish, depth, clarity and even water temperature through camera and sonar technology, the first time combined in an angling drone.

Angler’s Mail magazine – No.1 for latest products and news – has been finding out more about it.

Developed by Aguadrone in America, this waterproof and all-weather drone has features to assist with the capture of big fish at distance.

We reckon it could prove useful for big carp or pike hunters, especially on vast waters in the UK and Europe.

Capable of landing and taking off from both fresh and salt water, the basic drone comes with three quickly interchangeable pods:

  1. One is a sonar fish finder linking to your smartphone or tablet. It reads depths down to 190 ft, and can locate fish and read water temperature.
  2. The second is a camera pod that operates in the air and under water to both transmit and save video.
  3. The third is a fishing pod capable of transporting a 2 lb bait payload and releasing it where needed.

The product is being launched by on November 3 on an American TV programme showcasing new inventions.

Prototypes can be pre-ordered at an introductory price, yet to be revealed, but believed to be in excess of £1,000.

Reaction to the news has been mixed with traditionalists decrying the loss of angling innocence, and modernisers welcoming new technology that can help to put bigger specimens on the bank.

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