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Unique side drawers allow their contents to be accessed while the lid is closed, particularly handy when it’s being used as a working surface. There’s also an upper tray section with adjustable dividers that has a large central compartment, tailor made to accept the Prodigy Rig Box Advanced.


This top quality hook length and rig storage box features secure Klip-Lok® clasps and is designed to fit in the central compartment of the Prodigy Compact Tacklebase, being supplied with the Fully Loaded version. The Rig Box has a useful fenced working area on its lid and 13 rows of anchoring points inside. Secure hook retainers and 15 of Prodigy’s unique colour coded Tension Pegs are included, providing storage for enough short to medium length rigs to cover several sessions.


The lid on the Klip-Lok® Tacklebase Compact is fenced in to prevent smaller tackle items from spilling off while rigs are being made. There’s also a useful ruler and an uncluttered, flat working area. This is perfect for rig making and tackle adjustments while fishing. The Compact Tackle Base is a perfect size to park on your lap while seated, plus in this mode the drawers can still be opened easily. The lid has a watertight soft rubber inner seal and features extra secure Klip-Lok® fastening clasps.


The adjustable partitions in the Prodigy Compact Tackle Base allow you to organise your tackle just how you want it. It’s also modular with small and medium Prodigy Base Boxes, which slot into designated areas perfectly. This is more than useful because Prodigy rig bits like Grippa Bait Bands and Top & Tail Rubbers are supplied in these smaller boxes, which can be popped straight in. You can also remove the Rig Box Advanced and use the large central compartment to store floats in.


As mentioned before, the feature that stands this great tackle organiser box out from the crowd is its side drawers. These have adjustable partitions and can house larger items, such as various rig making tools. This means when the lid is shut and being used for tackle adjustments, you don’t have to take everything off if you have forgotten something. There’s a custom-made front pocket on the Prodigy Compact Roving Cool Bag that provides a great home for the Compact Tackle Base.