An innovative five-piece travel rod that will appeal to those wanting to store it in the boot of their car for an after work session or opportunist trips.
At 283 gr the dark brown blank has 13 double-legged quality guides whipped in a matching colour, complete with a keeper-ring. The rod’s action feels more like a match rod though, and I think it would struggle with powerful barbel. Featuring a full length high quality grade cork handle with screw-down reel seat. It also comes with a 3 oz spliced in quiver tip top.
SCORE: 23/30


At just 255 gr this slim blank might not appeal to everyone. The brown gloss finish with matching whipping looks a little dated. It has around 11 SC guides, the first is double-legged. The 1.75 lb tip has, as does the matching quiver section, a 2.5 in. white tip for easy sighting against dark backgrounds. A powerful rod with a pleasing through action with plenty of power in the middle reaches. The keeper ring is a nice feature too. Lacking a full cork handle, the rod comes with an X-rubber grip handle, which incorporates a screw-down reel seat.
SCORE: 25/30


The rod has a lovely grey weave throughout the blank, weighs 269 gr and has attractive understated graphics along with eight SIC guides, the first one double-legged. The tip has a 5 in. white tip for easy sighting against dark backgrounds and comes with a powerful isotope. The semi-through action has a huge amount of power in the middle section but lacks a keeper ring. It comes with a cork handle along with a DPS18 screw-down reel seat. This rod feels too powerful for the lesser breaking strain lines, being more balanced with lines rated between 10 lb and 15 lb.
SCORE: 25/30


Weighing in at 297 gr, this stylish super high modulus matt black rod is cosmetically pleasing. It’s fitted with ten braid friendly guides, the first two being double-legged and whipped in black. A seriously powerful rod with a sensitive tip and semi-through action with plenty of power in the middle and lower sections. It comes complete with a keeper-ring. The full length premium grade cork handle is fitted with a Fuji screw-down reel seat offering reel stability, a serious big fish rod, which also comes with a 2 lb tip.
SCORE: 25/30


Weighing 311 gr, this slim shiny black blank could do with its graphics toning down. It’s fitted with nine guides, the butt ring is double legged, the remainder single, the whipping is jet black with a blue stripe. Coming with a quiver section it’s amazing value for money, a fantastic budget starter rod, complete with a keeper-ring. The handle is part cork, part Duplon and is fitted with a screw-down reel seat. It has a powerful all-through action that will handle barbel up to double-figures, but may struggle with a very big fish in a tight swim.
SCORE: 26/30


At just 198 gr this graphic matt grey blank is seriously slim with understated graphics. Fitted with 11 SIC premium guides simply whipped in black, the first two are double-legged. The rod is ideal to hold all day and comes with an additional carbon quiver section and complete with a keeper-ring, it makes it a great roving rod. The cork handle incorporates a comfortable Duplon grip and is fitted with a Fuji reel seat. It’s semi-through action gives it the feel of a real playing rod, but its finesse may be its downfall where big barbel are concerned. If this rod was placed in a tench, perch even mullet rod Quick Comparison it would be hard to beat.
SCORE: 26/30

1.75 lb/2.25 lb FOX DUO-LITE FX TWIN TIP

Weighing 270 gr, this ultra-slim graphite grey blank is cosmetically pleasing to the eye with an attractive weave throughout plus nine durable double-legged SLIK guides, which are whipped in jet black and finished with a silver stripe. Coming with an additional 2.25 lb tip, both are solid and marked for easy identification and incorporate 14 in. high-viz tops making it a very versatile rod that will cope with almost every situation. It does lack a keeper-ring though – a must in my eyes for the roving angler. A high grade cork handle fitted with a Fuji DPS screw-down reel seat creates a solid feel and it has a powerful through action with a steely lower middle to butt section, perfect for big fish.
SCORE: 28/30



Slim stylish matt grey high modulus blank with understated graphics weighing 283 gr and fitted with nine high quality guides with black whipping. The first two are double-legged. A powerful and balanced rod with a forgiving tip action yet the through-action retains plenty of power in the middle and lower sections ideal for landing big barbel. It comes complete with a keeper-ring. The handle is fitted with a high performance screw down reel seat with a cork handle incorporating a Duplon fore and rear grip. It’s supplied with a 3 oz tip section too.
SCORE: 30/30

NOTE: All products tested November 2011. All prices correct at the time of going to Press. Angler’s Mail do not take responsibility for price or product changes or current availability.