The VMC 75 Series 1X and 2X Treble Hooks come under the beady eye of Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard. He's the No.1 products inspector, checking out loads of quality kit every week.

WHEN it comes to treble hooks, the VMC 75 Series has it covered, whether you’re using baits or lures.

Coming with a strength rating, you can perfectly match the hook pattern to the species that you’re intending to catch.

Made in France, and with a reputation for sharpness and durability, each hook in the the VMC 75 Series has been inspected for quality.

The smaller sizes in the 1X and 2X range look ideal for perch and chub, while the bigger sizes are perfectly suited for pike.

At the lighter end of the scale, the 7547 1X Strong In-line hooks are a nicely shaped, needle-sharp, hi-carbon-steel design, coming in a barbless (7547B) and a barbed (7547) version.

I like the fact that they run from a size 1 right down to a size 12, the barbless designs being ideal for lure fishing on waters that operate a ‘barbless only’ policy.

Coming with extra-short shanks, to reduce the risk of them tangling around lures, the VMC 75 Series also offers 7548 (barbed) and 7548B (barbless) X-short, 1X Strong Inline trebles. They are available in the same sizes, 12 to 1, and also feature a nice gape.

If you’re after heavyweight pike, perhaps hard-fighting Irish fish, or some Chew Valley Lake ‘monsters’, you might feel happier stepping up to the 7554 2X Strong Inline trebles, as they are a little bit heavier in the wire.

A best seller for pike fishing, they have extra-sharp points, perfect for when you need to strike into bony mouths.

Coming in a barbless (7554B) option, too, they look just the job for deadbait and livebait traces. The barbed patterns are available in a sizes 2/0 to 12, the barbless in 2 to 8.

Price: from £3.99 for five.

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