The Sufix Advance advanced monofilament comes under the beady eye of Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard. He's the No.1 products inspector, checking out loads of quality kit every week.

SUFIX are able to back-up the ‘next generation’ label you often hear applied to new releases with their Advance – advanced monofilament.

They’ve blended HMPE (high-modulous polyethylene) molecules found in braided lines with nylon to produce a mono with top end abrasion resistance but with the sensitivity and low stretch of braid.

Supple and sensitive, it has over 50 percent less stretch than standard monofilament, making it a great choice for a multitude of disciplines.

Providing improved bite detection, leading to a better strike to hooked fish ratio. Match anglers should find the sensitivity very useful for reading those tentative bites on the feeder. Whilst carpers will certainly appreciate the extra abrasion resistance, offering peace of mind in snaggy swims.

Offering high knot strength, especially with a uni knot or grinner knot, breaking strains start at 5 lb (0.16 mm) and run through to 40 lb (0.50 mm). Virtually memory free, and with a slick surface, it’ll cast well too

It is available in Clear, Lo-vis Green and Neon Yellow on 150 m spools, along with 300 m spools in the Clear and Lo-vis Green.

The low diameter and neon colour with minimum stretch sounds very useful for sensitive predator fishing too.

Prices: from £6.99 for 150 m; £9.99 for 300 m.

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