The Storm 360GT Searchbaits come under the beady eye of Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard. He's the No.1 products inspector, checking out loads of quality kit every week.

Description: easy-to-fish softbaits.

Specifications: 9 cm (8.5 g), 11 cm (18 g) and 14 cm (34 g) sizes; a hard (ABS) head with a built-in rattle; VMC Coastal Black hook; lifelike design.

My verdict: these lures have been designed to be fished horizontally, not vertically. They will search a lot of water, whether you’re casting and retrieving them with a fixed-spool reel or a baitcaster. Provided you have the ability to cast out and wind in, these lures will ‘work’ for you, that’s how effective they are.

They fish better when they are not ‘overworked’. They will catch fish when simply wound in, though it may pay to pause your retrieve just after casting out, and then to vary the speed of your retrieve.

The tail will wiggle slightly and the body will rock when retrieved. They look like a baitfish, right down to the profile of their hard heads, which give the lures their casting weight. Storm have made mounting them easy, as you simply push your hook into the pre-drilled hole in their soft bodies, the positioning of them ensuring that they swim true.

Visible in clear water, they’ll also score in coloured water and low-light levels, thanks to the vibrations created by their pulsating tails and a rattle in their heads. They really do emit a lot of ‘signals’ for a nearby predator to pick up.

Why does it have ‘360’ in its name? Well, I’ve heard that it’s because you can cast it in any direction, 360 degrees, retrieve it and it’ll work for you, though not behind you if you’re standing on the bank! What about the ‘GT’, I hear you ask? Well, I’ve heard it stands for ‘Go To’, presumably referring to a lure that you always ‘go to’.

If you’ve held back from going down the lure fishing route, having been daunted by all the lure types, methods, and jargon, why not start with these? You get a mounted lure and two spare bodies in each pack. There’s also a 360GT Searchbait Weedless model with a ‘hook guard’, for working close to cover. 360GT Jig Heads are also available separately, in packs of two, in 3.5 and 7 g sizes.

Prices: Searchbaits £5.95-£7.95; Weedless Searchbaits £6.75-£7.95; Jig Heads £5.45-£6.25.

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