The Sonik SK-TEK Levelbed and Sleeping Bags come under the beady eye of Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard. He's the No.1 products inspector, checking out loads of quality kit every week.

THERE are plenty of useful features on the Sonik SK-TEK Levelbeds, now available in three sizes.

Designed to ensure comfort on the bank, whether you’re there for a night or a week, Sonik have added elasticated lumber support in the centre and shoulder area, for those that sleep on their front, back or side.

The beds are fleece-lined, with an understated SK-TEK camo material and a built-in fleece pillow.

The hinges ensure the Levelbed lies completely flat, and there’s also enough room to fold it up with a sleeping bag in situ, using the adjustable locking strap.

Solid and stable, it’s built on an aluminium frame, with six adjustable steel legs and swivel mudfeet, which lock in place.

Anglers will also appreciate the fold-out mesh pockets on the side, allowing you to store an alarm receiver. As well as the Standard SK-TEK Levelbed, there’s a Compact and Wide model available, too.

Like the SK-TEK Levelbed range, Sonik have expanded their SK-TEK Sleeping Bag range, to match the Levelbeds, with Standard, Compact and Wide sizes available.

The five-season bags boast the same attention to detail, with plenty of useful features and extras, including a silicon treated, hollow-fibre fill, offering heat retention and water resistance; a large, three-quarter length zip, allowing for an easy exit while ensuring the foot area always stays warm; a smooth polyester lined base, so that you can turn easily; and a fleece-lined upper, for warmth.

This is a nicely padded bag, top and bottom, with additional handwarmer pockets, allowing you to tuck the sleeping bag around your head, to keep you snug.

You will also find draw cords that allow you to pull the top of the bag around you, with more draw cord adjustment around your feet, so that there’s less empty space, for improved heat retention.

All in all, everything you need for a cosy night, at an attractive price.

Prices: Levelbeds from £99.99; Sleeping Bags from £89.99.

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