The Sensas IM7 Commercial Bait Range comes under the beady eye of Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard. He's the No.1 products inspector, checking out loads of quality kit every week.

SENSAS have launched a brand new bait range for 2018, geared towards getting the best from commercial fisheries.

Two years in development, the updated and improved IM7 Commercial Baits include groundbaits, pellets, hooker pellets, mini boilies, dips and sprays. A complete bait concept, all designed to work together to attract and draw fish in.

Designed for carp bagging, whether you’re waggler fishing up in the water, using pole and pellets, punching out a Method feeder or flicking bait down the edge, this range covers it all.

I’m sure that anglers will appreciate the many different flavours and colours, allowing them to ring the changes to keep fish coming.

Flavours range from sweet to savoury, with a mix of colours, to suit different conditions.

Formulated to attract carp, bream, skimmers, F1s, tench and roach, a lot of thought by Sensas has clearly gone into the requirements to attract fish on commercial fisheries.

I’ll be revisiting all of the new Sensas IM7 Commercial range in a little more detail in future issues, along with a few tips on how to use them.

Groundbaits and Paste

TO complement the rest of the range of baits, the five IM7 groundbaits include Black Squid, Amino Red, Green Garlic/Betaine, Yellow Vit’Min and Natural Fishmeal.

Packed with attractors and stimulants, they can be used on their own or customised, by adding some of the IM7 attractors.

You could also use them to make a paste, though you’ll find an IM7 Natural Paste in the range, too.


THE pellet range comes in seven different flavours and colours, in micro, 4 mm and 6 mm sizes, giving you a range of feeding options, from loosefeeding to packing in a pellet feeder.

You can also use them as hook baits, banding them on the hook. There are also 4 and 6 mm expander pellets, ideal for pumping with water, flavour and colour.


Hook Baits

YOU’LL also find an extensive, seven-strong range of soft pellets, in 4 and 6 mm. They are all flavoured and coloured, allowing you to chop and change, to keep bites coming.

I’ve heard that Sensas have worked hard to get the consistency right, so that they stay on the hook.

There’s also a range of IM7 mini boilies, designed for attracting quality fish.

Boosters and Additives

THERE are six liquid bait boosters under the IM7 banner, in all their popular flavours.

Perfect for boosting paste, pellets or expanders, they’re all nutritional liquids, containing their own feeding stimulants.

Sensas have also looked into adding further visual attraction to your baits, by releasing a range of IM7 Bombix sprays, perfect for dying pellets.

The process takes only a couple of minutes, but once treated, your baits will release a visible halo of colour in the water column, to draw curious fish in.

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