Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard is the No.1 products inspector, checking out loads of quality kit every week. Here's his lowdown on the Savage Gear 3D RAD Rat…

WE know a lot of you loved the 3D Suicide Duck imitations from Savage Gear. Well here’s some imitation rats – and they are just as life-like.

Using 3D scanning to get the detail right, these lures come with a hard ultra-strong ABS body, with a nylon mesh joint, soft ears and a tail.

And you can fish them in different ways. Attach the lure via the lip to fish it up top, with a sub surface rolling action and a big wake.

Swap to the nose attachment and it’ll dive and swim under the surface, popping back up, when you stop retrieving.

Available in brown, black, white and grey, and a 20 cm (32g) and 30 cm (86g) size. You can even fish the larger one through weedy and snaggy areas with a treble hook, just clipped onto the back.

The rats come with a mesh joint in the body, which aids that rolling action on the retrieve. Ultra sharp Savage Gear Y-Trebles, and a spare tail are supplied with each lure.

And when they start looking a bit worse for wear, Savage Gear offer a Maintenance Kit containing two ears, four feet and a tail to help rebuild them!

Price: 30 cm – £26.99. 20 cm – £20.99. Maintenance Kit – £9.99.