The RidgeMonkey RM-Tec Hooklinks and Leaders come under the beady eye of Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard. He's the No.1 products inspector, checking out loads of quality kit every week.

CARP accessory aces RidgeMonkey keep adding to their portfolio, their latest launch being a complete hook link and leader range.

With renowned anglers Dave Levy and Max Cottis field-testing the products, I reckon they’ll attract a lot of interest.

Probably the most versatile product in the range is the Soft Coated Braid, in 25 lb and 35 lb breaking strains. They can be used in a stripped back, hinged or unstripped fashion, whether you’re fishing a combi rig or a Ronnie rig.

The Stiff Coated Hooklink, in 25 lb and 35 lb breaking strains, is also versatile. You can steam it, to create rigid anti-tangle boom sections, or you could strip it back, for combi rigs.

Both come in Weed Green, Organic Brown and Camo colours.

There’s also a quality Fluorocarbon, in 15 lb and 20 lb breaking strains. It is supple, strong and reliable, making it a perfect choice for boom sections or D rigs.

The Chod/Stiff Rig material, in Weed Green, can be curved between thumb and forefinger, or straightened with a good pull between two rig tools, for when you need a stiff section in your rig.

There’s an ultra-fine, 25 lb Soft Braid, too, available in Weed Green, Organic Brown and Camo finishes. It’s the one to reach for when fishing solid PVA bags, or when you want to add supple sections on combi rigs.

There’s also a spliceable, extra-tough, woven-braided, 25 lb Lead Free Hooklink, available in Weed Green, Organic Brown and Camo finishes, for when abrasion resistance is a top priority.

Onto the two leaders in the range: there’s a spliceable, woven, extra supple, braided, 50 lb Lead Free Leader, with the same finishes as the Lead Free Hooklink. It’s a useful choice when abrasion resistance is critical, in waters where the use of leadcore leader is restricted. You could also use it as a strong hook length material.

The other one is a Braided Shock Leader, in 50 lb, with a camo finish. It’s super strong and has zero stretch, perfect for ‘loading’ your rod on the cast, allowing you to punch out spods and markers without fear of ‘cracking off’.

This limp braid glides smoothly through the rod rings, and it also settles flush with the lakebed.

Prices: Chod/Stiff Rig material £6.49 for 20 metres; Fluorocarbon £8.99 for 20 m; Soft Braid £9.99 for 20 m; Lead Free Hooklink £12.99 for 10 m; Soft and Stiff Coated Braids £13.99 for 20 m; Lead Free Leader £12.99 for 10 m; Braided Shock Leader £10.99 for 20 m.

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