The Rapala Ultra Light Lures come under the beady eye of Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard. He's the No.1 products inspector, checking out loads of quality kit every week.

Description: small crankbait and topwater lures.

Specifications: all of the lures come with sharp and strong VMC Black Nickel treble hooks, the 3 and 4 cm versions being fitted with size 10s, the 6 cm designs with size 8s. Most of the lures have been hand-tuned and tank-tested.

Ultra Light Minnow: 4 cm (3 g) and 6 cm (4 g) sizes; 0.6-0.9 m swimming depth; weighted body with a rattle; slow-sinking design with unique lip; hard-kicking action; scale pattern; 3D holographic eyes.

Ultra Light Pop: 4 cm (3 g) surface lure; a ‘popping’ action that creates large bubbles and lots of commotion; loud rattle; scale pattern; 3D holographic eyes.

Ultra Light Shad: 4 cm (3 g) size; 1.2-1.5 m swimming depth; weighted body with a rattle; slow-sinking, wobbling action; scale pattern; 3D holographic eyes.

Ultra Light Crank: 3 cm (3 g) size; 1.2-2.4 m swimming depth; quick-diving, fast-floating, strong-kicking action; fitted with a rattle; long casting; scale pattern; 3D holographic eyes.

My verdict: Rapala have managed to put a lot of attractive movement into these little lures, including the strong, exaggerated kicking action of the Minnow; the surface-popping bustle of the scoop-fronted Pop; the tight, wobbling action of the Shad, which looks like a useful choice for streams, rivers and stillwaters; and the wobbling and rolling action of the deep-bodied Crank, which will dive to 8 ft when you reel it in, but rise when you pause your retrieve, making it an interesting proposition for searching drops-offs.

The 3D holographic eyes, scale pattern and colours add attractive ‘flash’. I can see them getting taken by chub, perch, pike and zander. Some of the finishes light up under UV light, too.

Prices: £7.25-£7.95.

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