THESE new additions to the top end Preston Innovations Equis Super Float rod range are set to attract plenty of interest from river anglers.

The shorter of the two multi-length rods comes with a nice crisp action at 13 ft for hitting fast bites from the likes of dace, but with the very handy option of going longer to 15 ft for that extra float control when you need it. Perfect for fishing the likes of the stick float, even a small Bolognese set-up.

Step-up to the 15-17-footer however, being billed as the ‘ultimate river rod’ and here you have a responsive, but still lightweight rod – even at full length for a multitude of river float fishing.

Fish the waggler with it, the stick or the bolo at range with the bonus of the extra control from the longer length. Still with the ability to hit bites quickly, without issues if you’ve had to scale down. These rods are designed on high quality blanks with quality fittings and a full cork handle.

Prices: £234.99-£254.99.