The Middy Reactacore X120-3 Competition Match Carp Pole comes under the beady eye of Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard. He's the No.1 products inspector, checking out loads of quality kit every week.

Description: competition match carp pole.

Specifications: there’s a lot going for these 13.5 and 14.5 m packages!

There’s Quad (four-layer) carbon technology, Maximus Wrap on the joints, to reduce wear, and depth markers, too.

The Spineline Aligner System ensures that the pole sections are lined up correctly.

A Distance Numbering System is on 13 m sections and longer, so that you know how far out you are fishing.

Top kits have coloured bands, to help you fit Middy PTFE bushes.

Middy’s Dome Top Protection System is on 4th, 5th and mini butt sections, for protection.

The S-Slide, low-friction surface, is for efficient shipping.

Middy use what they call VC-X treatment – the carbon has been cured under extreme pressure, forcing out any tiny air imperfections, for a more consistent action and added strength.

The graphite used will withstand extremely high temperatures, allowing the pole to remain rigid and stable in hot weather conditions.

Weight is 980 g at 13 m, which is rated to a number 20 elastic.

Package: Max16 Pro-3 Kit including the pole; Max22 Karp 2 Kits; a Cupp kit; a Safe-Zone 11.5/13 m mini butt; and a holdall from the MX-Series luggage range.

My verdict: slotting in between Middy’s strong Reactacore XT15-3 Carp pole and the XP-35-3 Competition Silverfish pole, Middy report that this new design is very much classed as a ‘competition all-rounder’.

Price-wise, it sits between the two other poles.

The shop-around prices are certainly keen, especially when compared to the RRPs of well over £1,100.

Middy confirm that they’ve built this strong and rigid pole with many of the features found on their higher-priced designs.

The new Maximus Wrap on the joints help to strengthen the area, and overlap less than their predecessors, making them slightly longer.

It’s also worth noting that the pole sections and kits are what Middy describe as ‘backwards compatible’ with their previous Shock-Core and Nano-Core ranges.

The kits supplied and the bag are worth over £350 alone. I’ve noticed that Leeds-based BobCo Fishing Tackle are also offering this pole as a 16 m package.

Shop-around prices: 14.5 m package £749.99; 13.5 m package £649.99.

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