The Middy Match Shot comes under the beady eye of Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard. He's the No.1 products inspector, checking out loads of quality kit every week.

SHOT can be fiddly and frustrating if you make the wrong choice, damaging your line and pinging off or not hanging straight, with dispensers that can be a pain to use.

Middy have worked hard to eliminate all these issues with their precision-manufactured Slot-Shot, Twin-Cut and Micro-Shot ranges.

Starting with the dispensers, there are individual tubs across the whole range, with flip-up, wide lids for easy access. The tubs are an anti-spill design, too. There are also four and six-tub dispensers with a dovetail assembly, so you can replace your most used shot sizes on the dispenser with the refill tubs, as and when you run out.

Slot-Shot are a clever cross between a conventional, round shot and a styl weight. These ‘elongated hybrid’ shot range from No.4s to No.12s. Handling heavier line, up to 0.30 mm in diameter, they’re super soft with a wide line slot and they grip. They’re dull, with an anti-glare finish, and there are Slot-Shot pliers if you need them for easy fixing.

Twin-Cut Shot are simple to put on and take off, thanks to the cuts on both sides of these shot. They’re soft, non-toxic and have a dull, anti-glare finish, coming in No.4s up to SSGs, in Middy’s special four and six-tub dispenser and refill tubs.

At the lighter end of the scale are Middy’s Micro Shot. Super soft and designed for uniform shotting, you’ll find them perfectly formed with a split down the centre. They’re available in No.8s to No.10s, in dispenser and refill tub formats.

Price: Dispensers from £6.99. Refill tubs from £1.99.