The Maver Signature Pro 700 Pole comes under the beady eye of Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard. He's the No.1 products inspector, checking out loads of quality kit every week.

THE Maver Signature Pro poles have already been attracting a lot of interest at this year’s angling shows.

The Signature Pro 700, like its 800 and 900 partners has been getting the thumbs up for its stiffness, lightness and balance – especially at 16 m.

The 700,  also comes with that European exclusive, Suncore anti-friction finish that’s shared by its cousins, which not only allow you to ship at speed, but it also incorporates toughened epoxy resins that give the bonus of more strength and durability.

These poles are manufactured from high-tensile carbon fibre, utilising super-tough epoxy resins (STER) and Nanolith technology.

The Signature Pro 700, as well as being strong, is designed as a true all-rounder that will comfortably accommodate number 12-20 heavy hollow elastics using the Powerlite power kits supplied.

At 13 m it is extremely stiff, the impressive rigidity overall meaning that it’s not only at home on commercial fisheries, but it’s also very happy on canals and lakes, too, as well as on flowing water.

The 700 comes with six Powerlite power kits, which add to the overall rigidity and help to reduce tip bounce.

Each kit boasts re-inforced banding and is fitted with a quality PTFE slot for modern, side-puller elastic systems. Maver’s Teflon-coated Magic Step technology helps with that silky-smooth elastic flow. The power tips also come with PTFE internal bushes.

You’ll also find sections 3, 4, 5 and 6 on this pole feature pure Teflon joints, to eliminate carbon-to-carbon wear, too.

And as well as the six Powerlite power kits, this package also includes a cupping kit and cups, a bi-conical mini extension, and Fighting No.4 and Fighting No.5 sections, the latter designed especially to handle the extra stresses and strains of bigger carp, which you may hook short or down the edge.

This package is well worth checking out.

Price: Kit package £1,599.99.