The Dynamite F1 Bait Range comes under the beady eye of Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard. He's the No.1 products inspector, checking out loads of quality kit every week.

DYNAMITE have released a brand new F1 Range of baits specially designed for getting the best from those F1 dominated venues.

A complete range, there’s a groundbait, 2 and 4 mm F1 pellets, a pellet soak and 4 and 6 mm Durable Hook Pellets.

Swim Stim F1 Sweet Groundbait

Combining the expertise shared in their Swim Stim range with a new sweet palatant to bring the F1s in, this groundbait is a low feed mix with a water soluble fishmeal and super attractive milk powder.

This effective combo will cloud up in your swim and stimulate F1s to feed. And it’s versatile, allowing you to pot it in loose and damp, as a sloppy cloud or use it for the Method.

Swim Stim F1 Sweet Pellets

The low feed pellets have a fast acting coating of the same attractants and sweet palatants that Dynamite know that F1s respond too, and at 2 and 4 mm will suit feeding and banding. They look useful for a Pellet Method set-up too.

Swim Stim Pellet Soak F1 Sweet

The Pellet Soak can be added to any carp or coarse pellets or expanders. And it looks particularly useful for boosting those fishery own pellets, being simple to apply.

For flavouring Dynamite recommend pouring the soak on your pellets and soaking them for two minutes per mm of pellet, so four minutes for 2 mm pellets etc. You then pour off the excess liquid and let them stand for 20 minutes and they should be ready.

If you want to boost expander pellets it’s recommended that you use your normal method – either a pellet pump or bag and you simply replace the water you would normally use with the Swim Stim Pellet Soak to add colour as well as flavour and attraction.

Swim Stim F1 Sweet Durable Hookers

Coming in 4 and 6 mm sizes the Durable Hookers do feel the right consistency, between a soft palatable hookbait and a hooker than can be pole fished as well as fished effectively on a running line.

They certainly feel soft enough too, to strike through for a decent hook hold.

These super attractive, high leakage sweet smelling matching hookbaits lend themselves to hook mounting, hair rigging or bait spiking so you’ve got some hooking options too. This range is the complete F1 package.

Price: Hook Pellets – £2.99. Groundbait and Pellets – £3.99 a bag. Pellet Soak £4.99 for 500 ml.

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