The Dynamite Durable Hookers and Pellet Soaks come under the beady eye of Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard. He's the No.1 products inspector, checking out loads of quality kit every week.

DYNAMITE Durable Hookers and Pellet Soaks are two of the latest additions to the top bait company’s exciting Match range for 2018.

They look like they might have cracked it with the Dynamite Durable Hookers range, which feel just the right consistency and texture.

Soft and palatable, to attract bites from any pellet muncher, they also look durable enough to withstand casting.

You can hook them, hair-rig them or bait spike them. For hook mounting, they feel soft enough for an easy strike and good hook hold.

Made from premium fishmeal, they are high-leakage for quick bites. They come in five flavours, from sweet to savoury, and five colours.

I like the White Aminos, but there are also Betaine Green, Red Krill, Amino Original and F1 Sweet flavours to choose from.

Available in both 4 and 6 mm formats, Dynamite Durable Hookers will bag not only on a pole, but certainly on a waggler and a feeder, especially a Method feeder.

The new range of Pellet Soaks look just the job for boosting fishery-own pellets, to try to gain an edge and a quick response.

Available in four flavours and colours, there’s Amino Original, Red Krill, Betaine Green and F1 Sweet to choose from, all boosted with Swim Stim attractants.

Pour some onto your fishery pellets and let it soak in, to boost their attraction.

Dynamite recommend leaving them for “two minutes per mm”, pouring off the excess liquid and letting them stand for 20 minutes.

You might be using them on a Method feeder or pellet feeder, or cupping them in, laced with the extra attraction and flavour.

For preparing expander pellets, you can still use a pellet pump or ‘bag’ method, softening them in the usual way. You just replace the water that you would normally use with the Pellet Soak, to boost their attraction while they soften.

You can use these Soaks on any carp or coarse pellets, or expander pellets.

Prices: Durable Hookers £2.99 a tub; Pellet Soaks £4.99 for 500 ml.

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