The Dynamite Big Fish River Meat-Furter Range comes under the beady eye of Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard. He's the No.1 products inspector, checking out loads of quality kit every week.

Description: a new flavour in an already popular bait range aimed at big river fish.

Ingredients: all products in the range have a spicy sausage flavour. The groundbait contains a heavy, highly nutritious mix of ingredients including coarse particles and pellets; the mixed bag of 4, 6 and 8 mm pellets are highly flavoured; the Bait Soak is PVA friendly; the high leakage 14 mm (approx.) Busters hook baits have an oily coating and a firm texture, for hair-rigging and withstanding long casts; the high-leakage, medium- breakdown paste is firm and the 12 mm Durable Hookers are packed with water-soluble fishmeals and other attractants.

My verdict: with the rivers season about to start, this range of bait looks great for attracting barbel, chub and carp, whether you’re fishing a small tributary or large stretches of the Severn or Trent.

Speaking from experience, I know that spicy meat flavours work for these species, and this is a complete range, with feed, hook baits and some useful ‘extras’.

You can introduce the groundbait into your swim via a feeder, or you can ball it in, topping the swim up throughout the session to maintain interest.

The pellets can be introduced via a baitdropper or a PVA bag, the different sizes breaking down at different rates.

The Busters have a nice, oily coating, helping to draw fish in.

The paste can be wrapped around a lead or hook bait, for extra attraction.

With a one-hour breakdown rate and specially designed for river fishing, the 12 mm Durable Hookers are ideal when a quick bite is expected, whether you hair-rig, band or hook them directly.

The PVA-friendly Bait Soak can be added to groundbaits, pellets and hook baits.

Not only does the range smell good, it looks as if it’ll leak plenty of attractants from the minute it goes into the water, lending itself to short sessions, roving and more static fishing.

Prices: Busters, Paste and Bait Soak £4.99 each; Durable Hookers £3.99; Pellets £6.95 for 1.8 kg; Groundbait £5.99.

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