The Drennan 16 m Acolyte Pro Pole comes under the beady eye of Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard. He's the No.1 products inspector, checking out loads of quality kit every week.


THE Drennan 16 m Acolyte Pro Pole is a very special pole from Drennan, and one that will already be attracting a lot of interest, I’m sure, from serious match anglers.

It uses advancements in carbon technology to offer even greater strength and rigidity over its predecessor, the original Acolyte.

It has an RRP hovering around £3,000, and took over a year’s worth of field-testing and perfecting by five-times World Champion Alan Scotthorne, to get it exactly right. Alan enthuses: “It carries itself even better at full length.”

It’s specially designed for our modern venues and methods, whether you’re on a commercial fishery targeting carp and F1s or bagging silver fish on a cut or on a river, aided by a clever choice of Drennan top kits. It features new materials throughout, and an updated mandrel for sections five through to 11, which means original Acolyte pole owners can still use their existing top 2, 3 and 4 kits with the new Pro.

A true-length 16 m pole, there’s a choice of impressive packages as usual from Drennan, including Mixed or Commercial Packages featuring different kits and tops. You can also mix and match the extensive top kit range, thanks to clever pricing, by talking to your retailer and telling them what you need.

There are A Kits, for silverfish and light elastic, Carp Plus Kits, designed to handle 16-18 Carp Bungee elastics, or heavier and Double 2 Carp Kits, which allow you to elasticate the top one and a half sections – particularly popular for F1 venues.

Ghost Carp and Ghost Double 2 Kits are on offer, which feature special, light grey tip sections, to help avoid ‘fish spook’ when the pole is over the heads of fish. And they all feature Side Pull Slots, with optional Roller Cones.

The pole also comes with Reversible Mini Extensions, which fit every section from No.5 right up to the butt section.

Drennan also include 5 Skid Bungs, a 250 ml Polemaster Pole Pot, Roller Cones, Side Pull Beads, Super Slick PTFE Bushes, a spare Cupping Kit Adaptor, EVA Nose Cones, a Visi-Case, Protective Tubes and a Deluxe Drennan Holdall with each package – impressive.

16 m Mixed Package

2 Carp Plus Kits, 1 Ghost Carp Kit, 6 A Kits, Cupping Top 3 (4.47 m), 2 Mini Extensions, and 2 Spare No.3s.

16 m Commercial Package

6 Carp Plus Kits, 2 Ghost Carp Kits, 4 Double 2 Kits, Cupping Top 2 (2.89 m), 2 Mini Extensions, and 1 Spare No.3.

Price: 16 m Mixed Package or 16 m Commercial Package both £2,995.