The Blue Fox Fluorescent Vibrax Lures come under the beady eye of Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard. He's the No.1 products inspector, checking out loads of quality kit every week.

PREDATORY fish such as pike and perch can show a preference for certain colours of lure, and it’s often a case of experimenting to see what will draw them in different water and light conditions.

Blue Fox offer these Fluorescent Vibrax lures in some hi-visibility finishes.

In addition to the silver and rainbow trout-colour revolving blades, there are also fluorescent orange and ‘fire tiger’ shades to choose from.

They’re designed to work the 2 to 4 ft depth band, and emit low-frequency sound vibrations, as well as a rattle from the machined brass body hitting the outer bell.

These lures also come armed with an extremely sharp set of strong, tempered trebles for an efficient and speedy hook-up.

Suitable for going walkabout with for perch, chub or pike, especially on more intimate rivers, and working the marginal drop-offs on lakes, they come in sizes 1 (4 g), 2 (6 g), 3 (8 g) and 4 (10 g). They’ve been cleverly designed to virtually eliminate line twist, too.

Prices: £3.49-£3.99 each.

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