Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard is the No.1 products inspector, checking out loads of quality kit every week. Here's his lowdown on the Berkley Direct Connect CF600 Fluorocarbon line…

ONE of a range of the new Direct Connect lines for dedicated carp anglers; Berkley’s CF600 is available in 10 lb, 12 lb, 15 lb, 18 lb and 20 lb breaking strains. And it’s a 100 per cent high-grade fluorocarbon line.

The result of a new production development from Berkley, we’re hearing it has an astonishingly rapid sink rate and excellent abrasion resistance; it’s also ultra flexible.

If it sounds different to what you might have spooled -up with in the past, it is.

For getting those lines down and out of the way, a line that’s more user friendly and a line that offers reliable knotting.

And the fact that it’s nigh on impossible to see subsurface, this Berkley release might just become your fluorocarbon main line of choice.

It’s sold on 1,200 m spools and is worth a closer look if you’re fluorocarbon main line fan.

Price: £49.99.