Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard carefully selects stand-out products every week, and he was impressed by the Avid Carp Catapults. Check out his lowdown here…

ONE of the big features with the new Multi Catapult and Precision Catapult from Avid Carp is the PTFE Anti-Twist technology.

The elastic comes out of the top of the frame and shouldn’t twist, and shouldn’t tangle thanks to the PTFE bushes, inside the frame.

The Precision ‘pult with it’s two tiered pouch looks more geared towards tighter accurate baiting.

Whether it’s boilies, small PVA bags, bags of floaters, to beat the gulls, up to medium range with a medium elastic.

Boasting the same frame and clever anti-twist system, Avid Carp’s Multi Catapult has heavier elastic and a much larger webbing mesh pouch. It will suit heavier baiting with the likes of boilies, particles and maggots.

Even if glugged, you’ll still grip the pouch and we’ve heard they just don’t perish.

Spare pouches and elastics are also available.

Price: Multi Catapult £15.99. Precision Catapult £12.99. Spares from £2.99.