Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard is the No.1 products inspector, checking out loads of quality kit every week. Here's his lowdown on the 14.5 m Drennan D-S7 Combat Carp Pole …

DRENNAN’S new D-S7 Combat Carp pole might have been designed for bagging match carp on commercials. But, that said, you’ll find it light, responsive and balanced enough for targeting silver fish too.

It’s a big ask to marry strength with finesse in pole design but there’s no doubting Drennan’s expertise in this area.

It’s an impressive package, this. Firstly it comes with five top 2 kits and a Cupping Kit. These include a Standard Kit, two Carp Kits plus a Double 2 Carp Kit and a Double 2 Ghost Carp Kit.

You can elasticate just the top one and a half sections of the Double 2 Kits. This means you have a shorter elasticated top kit, without actually reducing the length the pole can be fished at.

Drennan have also supplied one of the Double 2 Carp Kits with a less conspicuous light grey Ghost Tip to reduce the spook factor ‘overhead’.

Side pull slots are fitted on each Carp Kit, the package comes with a complete set of Roller Cone accessories too, to ensure the side pull system runs super smooth.

You’re also able to customise the top kit package you go for around the type of venues you fish, which is really handy.

You can just mix and match five or more spare kits so you are fully armed with exactly what you need.

As always Drennan include an impressive list of extras with the D-S7 Combat Carp:

  • two reversible mini extensions
  • five Skid Bungs
  • EVA nose cones
  • a selection of Super Slick PTFE Bushes
  • Roller Cones
  • Side Pull Beads
  • an extractor rod
  • Polemaster Pole Pot
  • cupping kit adaptors
  • Drennan Visi case
  • PLUS the whole lot comes in a 4-6 Tube Drennan Holdall

If you’re a regular on commercials, you might be looking to upgrade – this is a serious package.

Price: package £5.99. Extra Kits £49.