Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard carefully selects stand-out products every week, and he was impressed by the Equis Rods from Preston Innovations. Check out his lowdown here…

THERE’S six exciting new rods in this brand new Equis range – 13 ft, 14 ft and 15 ft Super Floats and 11 ft, 11 ft 6 in. and 12 ft Feeder rods.

The Equis float rods boast hollow tips, so you can use small hooks and light lines with confidence.

The 13-footer has been designed with waggler fishing in mind on flowing as well as stillwater.

Extra control on offer with the 14 ft Super Float, whether you’re on a deeper river, or fishing the slider.

Whilst the 15 ft Super Float is primarily designed for river fishing – hitting those bites quickly and picking up line at range.

All three Equis float rods come with plenty of power in reserve for when you need it.

Built using quality Fuji fittings and cork handles like their partners the feeder trio offers everything from a forgiving close to medium range rod for bream and skimmers or at this time of year carp and F1s on the bomb in the 11 ft tool.

The 11 ft 6 in. aimed at longer range work for bream and skimmers as well as tench and carp with that bit more power and a casting weight up to 45 g.

The most versatile of the ‘feeders’ however is the 12-footer, which will not only handle those medium range bream, you can quite happily use it for hard fighting chub on rivers.

They come with three quivertips supplied in a bespoke carbon tip tube to help avoid any mishaps.

Price: £169.99-£199.99