MAD Carp Touchdown Tungsten Rig Components come under the beady eye of Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard - and he was impressed! He's the No.1 products inspector, checking out loads of quality kit every week.

THE new Touchdown range of Tungsten based terminal tackle accessories from MAD Carp is comprehensive to say the least with at least 25 interesting items in the range. They are available through DAM.

Designed to allow you to perfectly fine tune your end tackle, to put more fish on the bank. Each component has been specially manufactured so it contains a higher ratio of tungsten compound, increasing weight and reducing component size, and so helping improve concealment.

The tungsten based MAD Carp Touchdown Line Aligners with their defined preformed shape look perfect for flipping the hook round on a carp rig and grabbing hold in the bottom lip. Try coupling them with a balanced wafter style presentation. They come in two sizes to suit size 2-6 and 7-10 hooks and long/short designs.

Equally aggressive and ready to grab hold, the tungsten Withy Curva ‘N Beads coupled with a pop-up or a wafter bait should always reset when getting plucked at by nuisance species, but nail a carp on the pick-up!

The Touchdown tungsten based Chod and Heli System is super safe confirm MAD. Ideal for fishing the naked chod, in the event of line breakage, the bead trapping the hook length can pull away from system allowing the rig to run free.

You’ll also find some useful tungsten based Round and Oval beads with 4 and 6 mm options in each, ideal for counterbalancing pop-ups with the likes of the Withy Curva set-up. Plus there are MAD Touchdown sinkers in medium, large and x-large and mixed for all sorts of fine-tuning and concealment jobs.

Price: Withy Curva ‘ N Beads – £5.59 for six. Chod and Heli System – £4.99 for four systems. Line Aligners £5.59 for ten. Sinkers and Beads £3.59 for ten.