Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard is the No.1 products inspector, checking out loads of quality kit every week. Here's his lowdown on the Kodex Stiff Rigs…

TWO tidy stiff rig options for carpers from Team Kodex, and part of a larger rig range that look well tied. Both rigs utilise anti-glare size 6 or 8 barbless Genomic MGP hooks and non-glare quick-change size 8 carp swivels.

The 15 lb Skin Coated rigs feature the latest Micro-Strip sinking weed-green coated hook length material, coupled with a knotless knot with a stripped back hair and silicone hair sleeve.

You can use it to fish bottom baits or a pop-up, with the option of stripping back some of the Micro-Strip coating just behind the hook.

The fluoro rigs, offering that extra concealment factor, are tied to 15 lb fluorocarbon, with a special knotless knot to ensure the hair stands off the hook.

Both rigs allow the quick-change size 8 swivel to be swapped with a size 11 Flexi/Heli swivel included with the rigs, for lead clip or helicopter set-ups.

The rigs also feature very clever anti-tangle sleeves to kick the business end away from the lead on the cast.

Price: £2.59-£2.99 for two rigs.