Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard is the No.1 products inspector, checking out loads of quality kit every week. Here's his lowdown on the Drennan Float Fish Line…


DRENNAN’S classic Float Fish line has just got better – it’s now as much as 8 oz stronger per breaking strain, using a reliable knot like a five turn grinner.

What else can we tell you about it? It’s a reel line that’s perfect for float fishing, not super limp where it might tangle. It’s designed to give you perfect float control and line pick-up.

It’ll float straight after casting if left unchecked but flick the rod tip and it’ll sink, just under the surface where you might want it, still offering good line pick-up.

It’ll handle pinched-on shot too, as it’s got pretty good abrasion resistance. Drennan know how to make a good line, they perfected the art years ago.

Available in olive green, you’ll find it in diameters from 2.6 lb (0.14 mm) up to a 6 lb, (0.22 mm) on 100 m spools.

Price: £3.45