DEEPER, the popular fish and feature finding device, has been taken on in the UK by one of the biggest names in tackle and distribution - Korda.

Deeper head of sales, Aivaras Bakanas, said: “For us it’s the perfect match.

“Both (of us are) passionate about fishing tech, and both (of us) want to give anglers the best possible options to catch more, catch bigger, and to develop and learn.”

As a Deeper user himself, carp star Ali Hamidi, Korda’s head of media and marketing, knows what the product is capable of.

Ali Hamidi of Korda – and now key to Deeper in the UK.

Ali said: “Anything that gains you a bit more time is an incredible thing in my eyes.

“These products will have you fishing smarter and learning more about your waters,” he added.

Deeper Christmas bundle deal

Korda are already working with retailers on a 2017 Christmas bundle deal – a Deeper PRO+ with free Petzl headtorch worth £25. The combo is pictured above.

“We’re really happy that, at the same competitive prices, Korda will be bringing our sonars to even more smart anglers in the UK, starting with our best ever Christmas deal, which is now on its way to retailers,” said Aivaras.

Alongside agreeing the new distribution deal with Korda, Deeper are also growing their retailers network.

They are nearly at 1 million downloads of the Deeper app, and hundreds of thousands of anglers now fish using a Deeper sonar.

Deeper Pro+ review comments

Brian Gay, one of the most experienced and most all-round Angler’s Mail correspondents, reviewed a Deeper Pro+ when it was first launched.

He was doubtful about the product’s benefits, but changed his tune after a proper play with the kit out on the bank.

The device later went starred in the Mail’s last Gear of the Year special, and also won several international awards.

Brian (pictured below) noted at the time: “For me it’s more accurate than a marker float, and it can also display whether the bottom is hard or soft, so no need to chuck a lead around, reducing the spook factor.

“The fact that it records the data and maps for future use is a massive plus, and saves you having to write it all down.”

Mail tackle tester Brian Gay appreciated the advantages of the Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+.

Brian added: “Of course, you can, as I did, use surface bubbles to locate some fish, but one cast of the Deeper Pro+ over these bubbles told me that the carp were indeed in 12 ft of water, but laying between 6 ft and just under the surface, not on the bottom as many would think.

“So, in that situation it takes the guesswork out, and would suggest starting on a zig rig set-up.

“I will admit I was sceptical when first hearing about this system, but having used it, the benefits are right there on my smartphone– swipe maps, accurate depths and variations and, of course, the location of target fish. I was impressed, as was any one who saw me using it!

“Marker floats obsolete? They may very well be. It does exactly what it says on the box!”

Read Brian’s full review here. And be sure to read Angler’s Mail print magazine every week for all the latest tackle, opinions, news and catches that really matter.

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