Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard is the No.1 products inspector, checking out loads of quality kit every week. Here's his lowdown on the DAM Effzett Pike Rattlin’ Spinner…

NICE and ‘noisy’ to induce a strike off a big ‘old croc’, these lures aren’t subtle. Designed by DAM to appeal to a lot of the pikes senses.

There’s visual appeal from the coloured and shiny blades, and flowing mixed reflective skirt.

Those twin Colorado blades will also kick out loads of pressure waves subsurface.

Thirdly the spinner’s body is loaded with steel ball bearings so it rattles too.

The six and seven inch lures, weigh in at 40 and 65 g respectively and come in a choice of seven colours from an ‘in your face’ Firetiger to something more natural like Silver.

Certainly a lure to try in coloured water too with all that ‘attraction’. They also won’t get ‘smashed-up’ after one bite!

They come with a super sharp FZ treble.

Price: £14.99.