Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard carefully selects stand-out products every week, and he was impressed by the Delkim 25 Plus Bite Alarm. Check out his lowdown here…


HOW time flies! Is it really 25 years since Delkim introduced their pioneering Delkim bite alarm with vibration sensing?

A unique system that can indicate proportionally both the speed of linear line movement and vibrations from those rod-top knocks and your end tackle that do not always move the line.

It’s a system that I, like many others, warmed to very quickly for everything from carp to pike, cats, even barbel and chub.

Special features from Delkim

To commemorate the milestone, Delkim have launched a 25th Anniversary Special Edition alarm based on the existing Standard Plus.

The Delkim 25 Plus comes in all six of the LED colours, the purple costing a fiver more.

And the alarm comes with a special silver metallic oval logo, silver dial stickers, a silver protective hard case and silver box.

Key features of these tried-and-tested alarms include that winning Vibration Sensing, two extensive sensitivity ranges, and plenty of adjustability when it comes to tone and volume.

There are variable LED Modes with flash and latching LEDs, long battery life, all-weather reliability and a two-year guarantee.

They can also be coupled with the Delkim Tx Plus Micro Transmitter and Rx Plus Pro Mini Receiver, if you want to add a cordless radio system.

Prices: £69.99; Purple £74.99.