The Kodex KX-i Carp Rods come under the beady eye of Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard. He's the No.1 products inspector, checking out loads of quality kit every week.


THINKING of splashing out on a set of top-end carp rods? The new Kodex KX-i carp rods are something special, and certainly one of the best carp rod launches of the year.

Kodex have released a 12/13 ft 3.25 lb and a 12/13 ft 3.5 lb ‘big hitter’, and with RRPs of £450-plus, they are already receiving a lot of attention.

The blanks are built from 55-tonne, Air Force-grade mesh using what Kodex call Zepto-X technology.

And they are finished with Fuji fittings with ultra-light, Titanium, TG16, matt black guides, including a 50 mm butt guide and an anti-frap guide.

What’s so special about them? For one they’re fantastic casting tools, allowing you to reach tremendous distances. There’s video footage of them casting 150-plus yards with a baited rig, without ‘pushing it’.

At the same time, thanks to the quality of the materials and technology used to build the blanks, they’re rated highly when it comes to playing fish, with a tip action that will wear big fish down, without the worry of a hook pull.

Kodex tell me that they’ve also specially designed the butt section with a compound taper, which assists hand grip and casting, ensuring your hand will not slip off the bottom.

The big fish brand have also included a 1 ft extension with each KX-i, to extend them to 13 ft, which is useful if you’re zig fishing.

Slim, with subtle graphics and a custom look right down to the machine-engraved symbol on the butt, these rods are lookers and performers.

Prices: £450-£475.